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Who said that you can’t build the body of a Greek God from the comfort of your own home! No gym? No excuses. This is an 8 week home workout body-weight program tailored to develop superhero proportions. This is done by focusing on creating the perfect V-Taper (Round Shoulders, Thick Wide Back, Square Chest &…



Equipment Needed:


  • A pull-up bar; if you do not have anywhere to hang from that will allow you to safely perform pull-ups.


  1. Leon Mugambi (verified owner)

    Simple to set up.. and truly produces results with consistency.
    Certain I’m headed back gym with bare strength .. soon as they open lol

  2. Nathan Joshi

    Minimum equipment needed to start the programme, can easily be performed in the comfort of my home.
    Love the personal attention the trainer provides; doesn’t let me rest, strives for success

  3. Jerome Kimani

    I love how he makes it clear HOW to get results. It is simple, but certainly not easy (otherwise everybody would do it).
    You just have to stick to the instructions JP gives and it’s no longer a matter of if, but when you feel stronger and look better.
    And best of all, it’s based on building solid habits, thus you can sustain change long-term, without sudden, drastic and uncomfortable interventions in your routine.

    Definitely a fitness program worth committing to.
    Cheers JP!

  4. Charles Nyiha (verified owner)

    Before trying The Adonis Body I had no clue what to do to improve my physique. I was stumbling around in the dark, trying to work out occasionally and not eat too much junk but my weight wasn’t moving at all. After starting the program, I almost immediately started seeing tangible results.

    The thing I love about JP’s methods is that they give you a very straightforward path to achieving your goals. As Einstein said, ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.’ The Adonis Body follows this, in that it is as simple and sustainable as improving your physique is going to get, but it is not a magic solution; you still have to do the work and be dedicated to achieving your goals. If you’re prepared for that, though, then you will definitely not be disappointed by the results.

  5. Olando Olembo

    JP is very easy to deal with and knows his work. His programs are easy to follow as well as fun, it is not your normal gym work out. The great thing about him is that he works according to your program and is ready to adjust the program to suit your needs when you may have a busy week or are going through various other issues. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to work out and have fun while doing it.

  6. Cecil Luseno (verified owner)

    JP was really supportive throughout this whole journey. With him I was able to consistent progress and results. Would definitely recommend him.

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