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16 reviews for Online Coaching (3 Month Plan)

  1. Cathy Nyiha

    Today, at the end of my 14th week since I started my fitness programme with John Paul Fitness, we have smashed my goal of reaching 71.4kg down from 81.6kg (10.2kgs/22.4lbs lost)!!! For me, it’s much more than I could ever have hoped for in that period of time; it’s INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Andrew Njoroge

    John Paul has really committed to helping and guiding me through my Fitness Journey. I have found the Coaching Plan very convenient with weekly check-up calls, advice on how to track calories, and workout programs that contain youtube links to each workout. Through dedication from both of us (in some cases from him more than me), I reached my goal of cutting from 86.4kg to 74kg. Looking forward to achieving even more!

  3. Devin Ariel

    Highly recommend for anyone looking to have their life transformed by adapting an effective fitness routine! JP is so through and knowledgeable about what he does. His communication is always on point, which is great for someone who might need positive reinforcement. His suggested workouts can be modified if needed or substituted with similar workouts to achieve the same results. If you follow his program consistently you will definitely see results soon! Thank you again JP for all of your guidance and support!

  4. Violetta

    Choosing to work with JP this year has been one of the best decisions of 2021. I had tried a few programs, starvation diets et al with zero results.
    With JP I achieved my fat loss goals through the ‘Godiva’ program and the results were beyond my expectation.
    With this program:
    1. Trust the process
    2. Trust that JP knows what he is doing
    3. Put in the work: discipline, consistency, patience
    4. Watch the fat melt off and get you a new you.
    Bonus: All this without a restrictive diet. Yes.
    I highly recommend the ‘Godiva’ programme and vouch 1000% for JP

  5. Jesse Rariewa

    Working with JP has been an awesome process with lots of progress. I went down from 93-84kg via the 3 month programme while gaining solid muscle mass and self confidence.
    His assistance through teaching you how to track calories and good exercises and motivation is key and very helpful.
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone

  6. Muthoni Kanyana

    JP is an awesome coach! Totally committed to your success! I love the fact that you get to understand the simple facts to weightloss…it is not about avoiding certain foods but knowing how much to eat. For me though, it was more than what the scale said. Though I am my lowest weight in my adult life, I am also much stronger and fitter. My endurance has increased significantly. I am also developing good health habits that will stick with me for a life time. Thank you JP??

  7. Wangui Kariuki

    I lost 6kgs in 13 weeks. This program is the most sustainable workout program I have ever done!! To give you some context I have done all the diets under the sun! Cabbage soup, army diet, low carb, intermitted fasting … to more tailored diets i.e. Fat Loss Lab (google it its intense lol)you name it, I’ve tried it! But this has been the ONLY program I have been a part of that helped me develop sustainable lifestyle changes.

    JPs tips are super helpful & super practical. He won’t tell you to cut out all the foods you love, or do exercise everyday! He creates a plan that has you in mind & gives you tips on how to overcome challenges. I am still shook that I had a lit ass December & managed to maintain my weight through the turn ups & the feasting.

    10/10 would recommend! I feel so much more confident & prepared to go out into the world focused on my fitness goals while living my best life.

  8. Lydia

    Thank you JP for helping me adopt a healthy lifestyle. Not only did I lose 5Kg in 8 weeks I also appreciated the value of reasonable diet and exercise. I started the program in Oct, stopped end of Nov and I am writing this review the 3rd week of Jan. I waited to see how the program works on maintenance and I must say even with all the Dec festivities I did not gain weight. JP is very professional, motivating, encouraging and like he always says, “trust the process” and you will see results. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to lose weight or wanting to adopt healthy living.

  9. JB

    I lost 9kgs thanks to John Paul fitness.The program is just wonderful and I recommend it for anyone looking for a lifestyle change.

  10. Robinson Kamau

    Truly appreciate working with JP. I struggled with weight and never knew how to lose it, always relying on hope (jogging and excess cardio coupled with poor feeding habits) rather than information. JP helped me understand the importance of nutrition and resistance training with the fat loss goal in mind. In the 4 weeks i worked with him, i managed to shed from a 93.75 to an 89.45 and using his information, will genuinely shed towards my goal of 72 – 73. Would highly recommend him to anyone who would want to better understand fat loss and nutrition

  11. Lillian Kahiro

    My daughter and I started out with JP 3 months ago. I must say that it has been a journey of total dedication on my part and awesome commitment from JP.
    He is very detailed and takes his work and his clients very seriously.
    I would tell him that an exercise was not working for me and ver quickly he would substitute it with a more friendly one.
    Thank you JP for walking with me and helping me get back to shape!
    May GOD bless you and the work of your hands.?

  12. Joylynn Kahiro

    Woah! Honestly!!!! I never knew how important a personal trainer is until JP! There is a lot of steps people miss by going on their fitness journey by themselves. Plus the need to be accountable and dedicated to the process just needs a trainer. JP has done an amazing job in coaching and giving lifelong tools that I can use for the rest of my life. The goal for me was becoming healthier, fit and loosing a few pounds. I got that and more!!! Give JP all your Moneyssss!!!! I honestly had no complaints, he’s as dedicated as you need him to be.
    Thank you so much JP!!!

  13. Jane Nyawira

    Working with Jp had been ? transformational. He worked with me to be consistent in my fitness goals. He broke down the diet, exercise, stress management components of fitness to a detailed yet easy to follow plan. The workouts are effective and targeted despite not being lengthy. Jp also modifies them to cater for things such as old injuries or joint problems. I learnt so much about food and how to track and choose the right combinations for sustainable weightloss. All this without starving myself. The weekly and sometimes twice weekly check- ins help to keep goals in check and adjust any problematic areas. JP is professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with.. I lost 4 Kilos and am on track to achieving my dream weight of 57kg. I had to buy a new set of clothes coz my old ones are wearing me instead. Yay. I feel great and in control of my weight and fitness.. Thanks Jp, you are making a lot of positive difference…

  14. Jomo Muigai

    Honestly training with JP as my coach is probably one of the best fitness decisions i’ve made in my life. The fact that he works personally with you and makes a custom program that will be to your convenience and still put you on a path where you’ll make massive gains.
    Thank you JP for pushing me through my transformation! 🙂

  15. Kelvin Muthomi

    I would definately recommend JP as a coach. I’ve been training for a while but never got to see the results I wanted. He tailored the program to my schedule and needs and I’ve made serious progress. I benefited from the weekly calls which worked to keep me accountable during the week with my nutrition and training. JP knows loads of small hacks to make gains and his extensive knowledge means he can switch up your training when things get boring.

  16. Wambui Shells

    Wow! It has been a great 14 months working with JP! I thought I knew all theory about Weightloss until JP. I am more knowledgeable about losing weight the healthier and sustainable way. I have formed good eating and excercising habits that have stuck with me!
    JP is a good accountability partner! Thank you!

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