The Godiva Gym Workout Program

$ 36.25

It is all about being curvy in the “right” places. Enter: The GODIVA Gym Workout Program!

This 12 week gym workout program has been specifically designed to build “SLIM-THICK” proportions that will have you looking like a Goddess. Or more aptly put, a “GODIVA”. Our focus will be on building thick thighs, a round bum, a perfectly toned upper body & arms, all tapering down into a tiny waist.

The program has 2 phases, namely Athena & Hera, named after 2 Greek goddesses. Each phase builds on the other, focusing on packing muscle primarily around the butt & thighs to give your body the silhouette of an hourglass.

Thick thighs save lives ladies. Don’t deny yourself the chance to be a martyr!


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