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  1. Cathy Nyiha

    Today, at the end of my 14th week since I started my fitness programme with John Paul Fitness, we have smashed my goal of reaching 71.4kg down from 81.6kg (10.2kgs/22.4lbs lost)!!! For me, it’s much more than I could ever have hoped for in that period of time; it’s INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Andrew Njoroge

    John Paul has really committed to helping and guiding me through my Fitness Journey. I have found the Coaching Plan very convenient with weekly check-up calls, advice on how to track calories, and workout programs that contain youtube links to each workout. Through dedication from both of us (in some cases from him more than me), I reached my goal of cutting from 86.4kg to 74kg. Looking forward to achieving even more!

  3. Devin Ariel

    Highly recommend for anyone looking to have their life transformed by adapting an effective fitness routine! JP is so through and knowledgeable about what he does. His communication is always on point, which is great for someone who might need positive reinforcement. His suggested workouts can be modified if needed or substituted with similar workouts to achieve the same results. If you follow his program consistently you will definitely see results soon! Thank you again JP for all of your guidance and support!

  4. Violetta

    Choosing to work with JP this year has been one of the best decisions of 2021. I had tried a few programs, starvation diets et al with zero results.
    With JP I achieved my fat loss goals through the ‘Godiva’ program and the results were beyond my expectation.
    With this program:
    1. Trust the process
    2. Trust that JP knows what he is doing
    3. Put in the work: discipline, consistency, patience
    4. Watch the fat melt off and get you a new you.
    Bonus: All this without a restrictive diet. Yes.
    I highly recommend the ‘Godiva’ programme and vouch 1000% for JP

  5. Jesse Rariewa

    Working with JP has been an awesome process with lots of progress. I went down from 93-84kg via the 3 month programme while gaining solid muscle mass and self confidence.
    His assistance through teaching you how to track calories and good exercises and motivation is key and very helpful.
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone

  6. Muthoni Kanyana

    JP is an awesome coach! Totally committed to your success! I love the fact that you get to understand the simple facts to weightloss…it is not about avoiding certain foods but knowing how much to eat. For me though, it was more than what the scale said. Though I am my lowest weight in my adult life, I am also much stronger and fitter. My endurance has increased significantly. I am also developing good health habits that will stick with me for a life time. Thank you JP??

  7. Wangui Kariuki

    I lost 6kgs in 13 weeks. This program is the most sustainable workout program I have ever done!! To give you some context I have done all the diets under the sun! Cabbage soup, army diet, low carb, intermitted fasting … to more tailored diets i.e. Fat Loss Lab (google it its intense lol)you name it, I’ve tried it! But this has been the ONLY program I have been a part of that helped me develop sustainable lifestyle changes.

    JPs tips are super helpful & super practical. He won’t tell you to cut out all the foods you love, or do exercise everyday! He creates a plan that has you in mind & gives you tips on how to overcome challenges. I am still shook that I had a lit ass December & managed to maintain my weight through the turn ups & the feasting.

    10/10 would recommend! I feel so much more confident & prepared to go out into the world focused on my fitness goals while living my best life.

  8. Lydia

    Thank you JP for helping me adopt a healthy lifestyle. Not only did I lose 5Kg in 8 weeks I also appreciated the value of reasonable diet and exercise. I started the program in Oct, stopped end of Nov and I am writing this review the 3rd week of Jan. I waited to see how the program works on maintenance and I must say even with all the Dec festivities I did not gain weight. JP is very professional, motivating, encouraging and like he always says, “trust the process” and you will see results. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to lose weight or wanting to adopt healthy living.

  9. JB

    I lost 9kgs thanks to John Paul fitness.The program is just wonderful and I recommend it for anyone looking for a lifestyle change.

  10. Robinson Kamau

    Truly appreciate working with JP. I struggled with weight and never knew how to lose it, always relying on hope (jogging and excess cardio coupled with poor feeding habits) rather than information. JP helped me understand the importance of nutrition and resistance training with the fat loss goal in mind. In the 4 weeks i worked with him, i managed to shed from a 93.75 to an 89.45 and using his information, will genuinely shed towards my goal of 72 – 73. Would highly recommend him to anyone who would want to better understand fat loss and nutrition

  11. Lillian Kahiro

    My daughter and I started out with JP 3 months ago. I must say that it has been a journey of total dedication on my part and awesome commitment from JP.
    He is very detailed and takes his work and his clients very seriously.
    I would tell him that an exercise was not working for me and ver quickly he would substitute it with a more friendly one.
    Thank you JP for walking with me and helping me get back to shape!
    May GOD bless you and the work of your hands.?

  12. Joylynn Kahiro

    Woah! Honestly!!!! I never knew how important a personal trainer is until JP! There is a lot of steps people miss by going on their fitness journey by themselves. Plus the need to be accountable and dedicated to the process just needs a trainer. JP has done an amazing job in coaching and giving lifelong tools that I can use for the rest of my life. The goal for me was becoming healthier, fit and loosing a few pounds. I got that and more!!! Give JP all your Moneyssss!!!! I honestly had no complaints, he’s as dedicated as you need him to be.
    Thank you so much JP!!!

  13. Jane Nyawira

    Working with Jp had been ? transformational. He worked with me to be consistent in my fitness goals. He broke down the diet, exercise, stress management components of fitness to a detailed yet easy to follow plan. The workouts are effective and targeted despite not being lengthy. Jp also modifies them to cater for things such as old injuries or joint problems. I learnt so much about food and how to track and choose the right combinations for sustainable weightloss. All this without starving myself. The weekly and sometimes twice weekly check- ins help to keep goals in check and adjust any problematic areas. JP is professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with.. I lost 4 Kilos and am on track to achieving my dream weight of 57kg. I had to buy a new set of clothes coz my old ones are wearing me instead. Yay. I feel great and in control of my weight and fitness.. Thanks Jp, you are making a lot of positive difference…

  14. Jomo Muigai

    Honestly training with JP as my coach is probably one of the best fitness decisions i’ve made in my life. The fact that he works personally with you and makes a custom program that will be to your convenience and still put you on a path where you’ll make massive gains.
    Thank you JP for pushing me through my transformation! 🙂

  15. Kelvin Muthomi

    I would definately recommend JP as a coach. I’ve been training for a while but never got to see the results I wanted. He tailored the program to my schedule and needs and I’ve made serious progress. I benefited from the weekly calls which worked to keep me accountable during the week with my nutrition and training. JP knows loads of small hacks to make gains and his extensive knowledge means he can switch up your training when things get boring.

  16. Wambui Shells

    Wow! It has been a great 14 months working with JP! I thought I knew all theory about Weightloss until JP. I am more knowledgeable about losing weight the healthier and sustainable way. I have formed good eating and excercising habits that have stuck with me!
    JP is a good accountability partner! Thank you!

  17. Njoki Fernandes (verified owner)

    JP is infinitely patient . And focused on the goal. He will text and encourage and text and encourage. Even when I ghosted him severally, he still persisted. 🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🤭🤭🤭. His coaching is for life, because it focuses on permanent lifestyle change. He shows you how to take charge of your life and be accountable to your self for your decisions. I love my progress, which is a journey. He has become my inner voice every time I am tempted to be lazy, or to indulge. 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾
    Thanks JP for believing in me and being so so patient. I am the healthiest I have been in a long time.

  18. Catherine Musakali

    Started off with JP at 71.6kgs, with the aim of shedding down to 65kgs. In 2.5 months I am mown to 64.6🥰. We are now down to maintenance. Working with JP has been an awesome journey. I appreciated most the fact that he holds you accountable. The personalized meal plan and weekly check ins were great. Thank you JP. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation!

  19. Cathy Mwangi

    For me this is one of the best coaches i ever worked with, the transformation is real …
    My gains is the discipline and consistency he has helped me achieve..in both my meals and workouts.. the daily check ins have gone a long way to helping me achieve the new me.

    Well done JP for your assistance and patience with dealing with me …

  20. Essy

    I had given up after my second baby…and tried all sorts of weight loss programs….workouts intertmittent fasting.
    JP came with a sustainable approach and literally walks with you through the hard days
    Managed to lose 1.35kg in 2 weeks!!!!
    And I am confident I am om way way to achieve my goal by August 2024.
    Thank you Coach

  21. Ruth Shako

    First of all, JP is just a really good human being. He is just good. (Yes, genuinely good people still exist)

    I was a bit apprehensive about going back to the gym after a back injury, but JP made it easy for me to be comfortable.
    He is pretty knowledgeable about the necessary safety precautions, and he would always check up on me to see how a workout went, how my back was, was I ok…

    JP’s attention to detail and commitment to consistently helped me focus on my goals, and it was just the motivation I needed to start over and be determined to keep going. He’s made it really simple, nothing complicated. I can eat all the foods I love with no restrictions. And I don’t have to camp at the gym.

    I was amazed at how easily I shed 2kgs in 14 days!

    Motivating and inspiring is one of his traits; he always tries his best to help others.
    I would recommend him to everyone! You can count on him for the best advice in your journey.

    All the very best JP! This is clearly not just a job for you, it’s your passion.

  22. Esther G

    I am extremely grateful to have joined this session with JP. I have tried so much before and been very frustrated. I was at the verge of giving up trying, then JP happened. Our goal was 1.4kgs down in 14days. We exceeded that by double. I lost 2.75kgs in the period. From 92.8kgs to 90.05kgs. I am.now confident that I am on my way to achieving my ideal weight. JP is the accountability partner one needs, always there for check-ins and guiding through the process. Knowing to track your calories intake and keep to the exercises provided was a great thing. I am soldering on to my ideal weight of 74kgs. I know i will make it in due time. Thank you JP

  23. Joshua Amayo

    I highly recommend JP’s coaching to anyone looking to get their body composition in check. The meal plans and workouts provide a framework that guarantees success as long as someone sticks to the plan. The daily check ins encourage accountability and provides some extra push on the tougher days.
    He’s passionate about it which makes the experience enjoyable

  24. Ruth Kihoro

    Working with JP has been a wonderful experience. He created a safe environment for creating healthy habits by incorporating my favourite foods and snacks to my meal plan which made it more enjoyable. He was very empathetic and understanding of the challenges I was facing which made the program easier.
    He was also very enthusiastic and would always send reminders and check in to see my progress and remind me of my goals. His enthusiasm and energy was infectious and made me more motivated to reach my goals and do my best every day. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him and it has been a transformational experience. I lost 1.4 kgs in just 2 weeks!

  25. Alimatu zainab sesay

    A big thank you to JP for the 14 days coaching program, my weight was105kg when I started the training and our reduction target was 102 kgs. Fortunately I exceeded the target ; I’m now 100kg. With your constant engagement, I’m now used to the portion guide and the dancing cardio exercise. To be honest I was not used to checking my weight but since my encounter with JP I am now used to checking my weight and improve on my eating habits. Once more, thanks for coming to my aid at the appropriate time.

  26. Rita

    Thanks Coach JP for your follow up and encouragement. Somehow I managed as best as I could to complete the 2 week programme. The flexibility, meal options (including advice for eating out) and allowing the occasional snack 😊 really helps. I enjoyed the workouts and the walks too. I’m now down 1.5kg and look forward to gradually losing at least 2 more kg in the next one month. I would recommend Coach JP as I found his overall approach sustainable and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on some of my favourite things, like tea!

  27. Tombe Anthony Jada

    I had always struggled to combine the right diet and workout to achieve my goal of burning fat and building muscle. After my 14 days program with JP I was able to see tremendous results, surpassing our goal by a big margin. I was able to go down from 80.8kg to 78.5kg all while enjoying my favorite meals! The constant communication and weekly check ups helped me stay accountable to myself and avoid mistakes while working out as well. I’d recommend JP’s program to anyone who’s looking to get fit and make living a healthy lifestyle the norm.

  28. Wangari Maina

    I recently had the opportunity to try out JP’s online fitness coaching for 14days , and I must say, it was a game-changer for me. I had been struggling with my weight for years, feeling lost and clueless about the right steps to take. However, his coaching completely transformed my perspective on fitness and provided me with an incredible program that encompassed both a diet plan and a workout regimen.

    One of the most significant wins I experienced during this trial was the diet plan. It revolutionized my eating habits and instilled in me a newfound awareness for healthy eating. JP crafted a personalized plan that not only helped me start losing weight but also educated me on the importance of nourishing my body with nutritious foods. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could still enjoy some of my favorite treats , such as fries and ice cream while achieving my weight loss goals.

    What truly sets JP’s coaching apart is their dedication to the success of his clients. His coaching style is not only effective but also incredibly supportive. It is evident that he genuinely wants the best for his clients and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure their success. He generously provided information and resources, debunking common misconceptions about weight loss and exercise I had.

    In just 14 days, I was able to achieve remarkable results under this coach’s guidance. I lost an incredible 4.85 kgs, which was truly unbelievable to me. It goes to show the effectiveness of their program and the expertise he brings to the table. JP has designed a fail-proof system that yields incredible results for those striving to lose weight.
    I’m glad I took the leap of faith and let JP guide me towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  29. Gladys Ouma

    I first met JP at his boot camp at karura forest in January 2023. I loved his patience and told him I would consider joining his program ….. yes its happened in October😅 he is persistent and I guess that’s what I needed … someone to convince me it was possible to lose weight eating your normal every day food.
    I took a 14 day trial session with JP and lost the most that I have in over 5years 1.4 kgs! I was always skeptical about weighing my food… now I’m an expert and very conscious about portions , I can gage portions when eating out I walk a minimum of 45 minutes everyday and my energy levels have hit a heavenly high.
    Thank you JP for not giving up on me and for your encouragement and cheering me on and most all the lessons I learnt on healthy eating. Definitely recommend coach JP anytime

  30. Louiza Peace

    I’ve been working with JP for a month now, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. In just one month, I’ve gained so much confidence in my food choices and portions. JP has given me the tools to take control of my health, even with a busy lifestyle. He’s taught me the importance of balance and moderation, which has made a world of difference in my diet. If you’re looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and supportive fitness coach who can help you make sustainable changes to your lifestyle, I wholeheartedly recommend him.

  31. Sylviah

    I have learnt that fitness and fat loss is all about the simple small things. JP makes it so simple and encourages you for bigger results. Lost 1.7Kgs by just changing a few things and monitoring my meals. Am not stopping now because this is a very sustainable plan and not drastic. I recommend him to anyone regardless of the situation around you he offers solutions around your space. Thank you JP

  32. Bybes

    I enjoyed myself the last two weeks! I loved the attention he gives you, the checking in and the meal plan for me was just 👌🏽. I thought I ate more veggies until I met JP! I loved loved loved! I lost an average of 2KG’s so happy with myself. Thanks JP😊

  33. Wandia G.

    I started the program on 10th Oct at 82.8kgs and officially finished on 10 Nov. I am continuing with the program on my own and as at 15th Nov my weight is 78.1Kg. A total of 4.7kgs lost so far! What I enjoyed the most was having JP as my accountability partner, this taught me discipline in my eating habits and exercise habits. I am carrying on with the program on my own and I find I am now very conscious of what I eat and the importance of getting my body moving through exercise. All my meals incorporate the foods that I love. So I never feel I am missing out on anything. And I am able to have an occasional treat each week. The veggies help me keep full and this has also seen my sweet tooth cravings go down. I have never felt bloated at any given time nor felt too full. I am alway satisfied. And I also learnt the importance of daily water intake, which was a struggle previously. Now I am more deliberate when it comes to my water consumption. So all in all, I am very pleased with my results and I highly recommend JP’s fitness program to anyone who has struggled with weight loss. Thanks JP!

  34. Fidelis Njuguna

    For the longest time I have been trying to loose weight without success but as soon as I begun the programme I managed to loose 2kgs within the 2 weeks trial period which I could not believe.
    The weekly check ins and daily motivation for accountability is what Makes JP an excellent coach to work with as he goes the extra mile to build a good relationship and was easy to ask anything without fear of judgement.
    The meal plan is the best as it includes everyday foods and snacks that is truly convenient and one doesn’t have to Rob themselves of the things you enjoy; all it took was learning how to have them in moderation.The plan is easy to follow alone.
    The walks and exercise that were planned for me really encouraged me to push myself on every activity which really showed me my true strength and I can do anything I put my mind to.
    I’m truly happy with the result an progress I am making daily to improve myself thanks to JP!!! 😀

  35. Magdaline Mutinda

    I was privileged to be a part of JP’s 14-day fitness coaching program. I must admit that it changed my entire perception of weight loss. Having struggled and tried many programs that never worked, I was a bit skeptical about JP’s coaching. But then, what do I have to lose, it can’t hurt to try, right? This was the best decision I made in 2023. JP designed a meal and workout plan for me based on the information I gave him. After two weeks, my weight went down from 85.3kg to 83.45kg. As I write this review, I just completed week three on my own following JP’s plan and I am currently at 82.90kg.
    I highly recommend JP as your fitness coach if you are looking to have real results. JP listens, supports and motivates you even when you feel you can’t do it. Most importantly, you’ll see the results. I was also impressed that I could eat all the foods I like and do enjoyable and yet challenging workouts two to three days a week. I am certain that I will be back with another review and testimony when I get to my targeted weight goal. Thanks JP, It is amazing how many lives you’ve changed!

  36. Linda Wanyoike

    Ladies and gents run don’t walk because JP is the realest. I have done a number of diets and workouts but they never seemed to take. I would almost immediately go back to my old ways due to starvation. But with JP, I could eat my treats and I still lost weight and had my occasional whiskey! I lost a total of 1.7kgs in 2 weeks! He is very patient, follows up diligently, encourages you and gives you the best
    service. I would 100% recommend him.

  37. Maria Murigi

    Coach JP is the real deal! I lost 1.5 kgs in the 2 weeks I worked with him; besides the super intuitive app that was easy to use; he walked on with me, constantly checking in to see how I was doing, patiently demystified my fears and encouraged me every step of the way!
    Having tried other diets and struggling with hunger pangs; I was skeptical about this; but I could enjoy life, get treats and still progress towards my body goals. Forever grateful JP !! It was such an effortless experience !

  38. Kathleen Karimi

    This was fantastic💜
    You know, I struggled with most apps and programs on weight loss. The simplicity of the program was great because of the relationship invested, the trust put in. I did a 14 day trial and lost 3.7kg, that’s from a 79kg to 75.3kg. Am looking forward to reading my ideal weight.

    Thank you Coach for stand by my side and help me through it. Your every day input is what keep me afloat even the day I had no energy and zeal to get it done.

  39. Rose k.

    My two week journey gave me not only results in the way of loss of 3 kilos, but life long lessons.
    1. We can loose weight while eating.
    2. Our bodies don’t need all that food we eat.
    3. We can have treats in moderation.
    4. It’s better to loose slowly but surely instead of loosing 10 kilos and gaining 20
    Paul is also very patient, and offers very good guidance in a very supportive way.
    I enjoyed the exercises.
    The instructions are very very clear and simple.
    The app is also wonderful with tracking weight photos and food easily accessible.
    The food is also not restricted so you feel imprisoned. You eat what is available only watch quantities.
    Kudos coach.
    May be in future you can consider incorporating a graph that captures everything in one glance.
    Those out there starving themselves should quickly find there way here

    Thank you so much coach.

  40. Lilly Chebaibai

    John Paul is an amazing coach. He developed a perfect eating plan for me which changed my relationship with food. I loved that the plan wasn’t restrictive at all and I could still enjoy my favorite things in moderation. His dedication also kept me on track and he we would have check in sessions every week together with daily follow ups that made it super easy for me to stay on track. This was a game changer and I intend to make it a lifestyle, keep up the good work JP 💪.

  41. Ivy Chege

    I highly recommend JP’s Weight loss coaching program!

    I lost 3.6 kgs in One month, all achieved with:
    1. An easy to follow diet plan.
    2. No feelings of hunger and no fixation on food.
    3. A reasonable amount of weekly treats including a few glasses of wine or a snack.
    4. A home workout program that didn’t need any special equipment or gym membership.
    5. A reasonable & targeted amount of exercise – no need to spend hours working out 😊

  42. Mary

    I am so amazed by JP’s Weightloss Program, I highly recommend it for someone looking for a permanent solution without starving or missing your favourite foods, I did the 14day trial and by the end of the first week,I had already lost 1kg while eating the food I was eating before the Program. the workouts are superb! No need a for gym if you have a busy lifestyle.Thank you coach JP, I am so greatfull.Godbless

  43. Wanjiru Kamunya

    Am over the moon, your commitment on check ups, motivation, encouragement when I felt like giving up and no progress,u believed in me and made me believe in myself that it’s possible.
    The workouts are doable, the calories tracking has become a routine and the freedom to get treats in between.Life should not be made hard.
    Thanks so much couch JP,I would recommend you 10001 times.🙏🙏🙏

  44. Josephine

    2.5 kg lost in only 14 days. I Started my lose weight journey with 70.2kg and after by the end of 2 weeks I was 67.7kg.This was made easy by coach JP who worked tirelessly to make sure that I made progress each day. On the other hand I still enjoyed my snacks at least once a week. I will always recommend JP’S fitness to anyone who is struggling with their weight. His support and effort is 💯%

  45. Halima Hanii

    I have lost 3 kgs in a span of 3 weeks,I feel like addressing the nation. I have been struggling with my weight loss journey tried fasting, getting rid of wheat products but nothing has ever worked for me but with JP’s weight loss program I managed to lose 3 kgs in just 3 weeks, just watching my portion and without limitations of taking wheat and other food. Thanks for your consistent follow ups and commitment towards this journey Coach JP, you are one of a kind, I do appreciate a lot.

  46. Hazel

    Thanks to coach JP, i managed to loose 2.4kgs in 2 weeks, something i never thought would be possible after trying many programmers without success. The constant follow up even makes it more worthwhile. This is a sure bet you need to try it. From 93kgs to 90.6kgs. It is possible guys.

  47. Marion Kerubo

    I met JP when my self esteem had really dipped. I needed a lifestyle change not a quick fix and that’s what he offered. Very immaculate plan which was customised to my needs, his gentle but assertive approach to weight-loss saw me crush my two week goal in one week. He made me believe it can be done and so I did. Thank you so much coach. I highly recommend 💯

  48. Judith

    JP is a great coach,he was constantly checking up and encouraging me. I felt safe and not judged and when I had long/ bad days and couldn’t put in the work he encouraged to postpone to the following day. Loved the fact that I could eat and still lose weight. The workouts were a nice challenge they got me breaking a sweat. Loved the brisk walks.

  49. Ciru

    I was one of those people who gained weight post childbirth and everything I seemed to try wasn’t working. I found myself at the heaviest I had ever been, and my self-esteem and confidence took a nosedive-something I personally haven’t struggled with. In comes in JP and a weight loss plan, it’s more of a lifestyle plan. Haven’t reached my ideal goal yet but the fact that I have lost both weight and inches has shown me that its possible and given me some of my confidence back.
    Lemme tell you why you should choose JP:
    1.You lose weight and inches without starving.
    2.He tailors meals for you based on what you like eating.
    3.You still get your treats, in moderation, but they are there.
    4.He adjusts your menu based on things like weekends away and other events where we normally tend to overindulge.
    5.He celebrates the small victories till you think you’ve won a gold medal, for me this was such a big validation for me, and it kept me going.
    6.Workouts are tailored made to suit what you can manage so you do not necessarily feel like you struggled too much doing burpees if burpees aren’t your thing, thus keeping you going.
    7.His Daily messages and weekly check-in are the best accountability partner ever!!!
    8.He helps you understand your relationship with food that is something that will go beyond the program.

    Thanks JP!!!!

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