John Paul really committed to helping and guiding me through my Fitness Journey. I have found the Coaching Plan very convenient with weekly check-up calls, advice on how to track calories, and a custom workout program. I reached my goal of building muscle & cutting down from 86.4kg to 74kg!!


Today, at the end of my 14th week since I started my fitness program with John Paul Fitness, we have smashed my goal of reaching 71.4kg down from 81.6kg (10.2kgs/22.4lbs lost)!! For me, it’s much more than I could ever have hoped for in that period of time; it’s INCREDIBLE!!


I lost 9kgs in 16 weeks thanks to John Paul fitness. The program is just wonderful and I recommend it to anyone looking for a lifestyle change.


Choosing to work with JP this year has been one of the best decisions of 2021. I had tried a few programs, starvation diets et al with zero results. With JP I achieved my fat loss goals (lost 6kgs in 3 months) through the coaching program and the results were beyond my expectation.

How It Works

Book Your Slot

Sign up to secure your slot for the challenge 💪. Remember, it’s first come first serve & we only have 10 spaces available. Once they have been filled there will be no more!

Enter Your Details

After signing up you will be forwarded a link to download our coaching app with your own unique username & code. Once logged in you will have some forms to fill to ensure that you workout & diet plans are tailored to your specific goals & needs 😤

Get Your Workout/Diet Plan

Your workout plan will be provided in the app. You will also receive a custom calorie & meal plan template to work with & a google doc that your coach will use to track your fat loss progress over time.

Onboarding Meeting

A meeting will be set up between you & your coach to take you through your workout & diet plans, and how exactly to go about them for the 3 months. All this will be done in good time before the challenge officially commences to ensure that you are good to go when the time comes!

Challenge Begins!

On January the 9th 2023, the challenge officially begins! The best transformations win 50,000 Ksh each (50k for best male & 50k for best female)!! 💰💰


What You'll Get

Custom Workout Plan

You’ll get a custom workout program tailored to whatever equipment you have available (or lack thereof), all within our coaching app! Full video demos for all exercises, track & record your strength progress. Your very own personal trainer in your pocket!

Custom Calorie Plan

No restrictive meal plans! Instead, you will get your very own calorie plan that will allow you to eat foods that you like & enjoy & make progress! Your coach will show you exactly how to track these easily on a day to day 😊

24/7 Contact

You can ask me questions at any time during our journey via the app & I will promptly cater to any & all your needs.

Weekly Check-Ins

We will check-In every week to measure progress. This is important to ensure that we are on track towards achieving our goals!

VIP Coaching Group.

Join a community of like-minded people going through the same journey as you. The purpose of this group is to provide encouragement, support, accountability, and of course…..memes 😭✊🏿

More Transformations


Honestly training with JP as my coach is probably one of the best fitness decisions i’ve made in my life.

His custom plan worked wonders for me. Thank you JP for pushing me through my transformation! I lost 16.7 kgs in 6 months!


Mercie managed to lose belly fat & build muscle using the “Godiva” workout & nutrition systems. She boasted an amazing transformation in just 6 weeks having lost 3 kgs (6.6lbs)!


Before signing up for Online Coaching I was stumbling around in the dark, trying to work out occasionally and not eat too much junk but my weight wasn’t moving at all. After starting the program, I almost immediately saw tangible results. I lost 11 kgs in 5 months!


When I started working with JP, I was 79.2 kgs and he made the whole process SO EASY I was in disbelief at first. In about six months, I was 72.2 kgs and I had DEFINITELY shed a lot of fat (I had to do a proper wardrobe change for my pants 😂).


Working with JP has been an awesome process with lots of progress. I went down from 93-84 kgs (9kgs lost) via the 3-month program while gaining solid muscle mass and self-confidence. His assistance in teaching you how to track calories, exercises and motivation is very helpful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.


I would definitely recommend JP as a coach. I’ve been training for a while but never got to see the results I wanted. He helped me gain 8 kgs of muscle in 11 months!


My name is John Paul Nyiha. I found my love for fitness and bodybuilding at an early age. I was particularly captivated by the aesthetic component of the sport; how it was possible to sculpt one’s body from marble to masterpiece.

Over the years I have coached numerous clients, men & women alike, into achieving their dream bodies.

That being said, my primary goal is to help as many people as possible not only to transform their bodies but their lives.


This program works best for self driven individuals, willing & ready to do not what is easy, but necessary to achieve their goals.

This is not for you if :

This is for you if :


What You'll Need

1. Digital Bathroom Scale

An inexpensive investment that we will use to accurately track our weight loss progress over time.

2. Digital Kitchen Scale

Another inexpensive investment that we will use to accurately track our calories during our 3 month journey. Remember, what gets measured, gets managed.

3. Access To Barbells & Dumbbells (Optional)

Your workout plan will utilise only free weights, which are available in every commercial gym. No fancy equipment necessary! If you have a home gym with sufficient weights, that will also suffice. If you don't have access to any equipment, home bodyweight workout programs are also available. You have no excuses!

4. The Will & Determination To Succeed

Everyone has the capacity to transform themselves, but not everyone will. You always have a choice: stay the same or choose to change. My goal as a coach is to show you the easiest path to achieving your goals, but I can’t do the work for you. That choice, I leave it to you.


As soon as you sign up, your slot will be booked & you will receive the JapesFitt App download link with your username & password, both of which you can change upon logging in.

Thereafter you will find a few coaching forms to fill that will allow me to know what your exact goals & needs are to best personalise your workout & diet to your needs. We will then schedule an onboarding meeting to take you through your program & diet plan before getting started.
The challenge officially begins on January 9th, 2023 & ends on April 9th, 2023. It will span over a total of 3 months.
– You are fed up with being in the same place year after year.
– You have insufficient support and need more knowledge about nutrition or training.
– You can’t seem to get that coveted six-pack. – You have already followed several diets, but you still cannot achieve long-term results.
– You find it difficult to set up a suitable training schedule.
– You have no idea what you are doing in the gym.
– You would like to lose weight or gain weight, but with your current lifestyle you are unable to achieve your goals or it is going slower than expected.
– You simply have no motivation to start.
There are no rigid meal plans. Instead, your coach shows you exactly how to eat the foods that you love while getting results. This approach is what makes the process easy to sustain both in the short and long terms, and extremely enjoyable.
Yes. No matter how hectic your schedule is, your workout plan can and will be adjusted and designed to suit your individual preferences and needs.
No matter your dietary preferences, vegans/vegetarians included, you can still get amazing results. More so because there are no rigid meal plans, you can still eat all the foods that you enjoy.
Think of all the money we spend on things we don’t NEED. Expensive clothes, shoes, drinks on nights out. All of which are cool in the moment, but none will transform your life for the better. Getting in shape is so much more than just looking amazing. You will FEEL amazing, your confidence will be sky high, you will feel accomplished and fulfilled after having crushed your goals! An attitude that will better every other aspect of your life. And if you ask me, all that? Is PRICELESS.
You can cancel your subscription at any time during the course of the month after your initial payment. Active subscriptions can be cancelled from your account page. Once cancelled however you will no longer be eligible to win the challenge.